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The World Bank is the world’s largest source of development assistance. In support of its mission—to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity—the World Bank conducts and publishes research on a broad range of global and regional issues.

The World Bank eLibrary is a subscription-based website and has been serving the unique needs of researchers and librarians since 2003. Built on a new state-of-the-art platform, access to World Bank research and knowledge is faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.  Many facets of society are covered including political science, education, health and cultural issues.

The eLibrary offers full-text access to the complete backlist of all books, working papers, and journal articles published by the World Bank since the 1990s. Content in the eLibrary is carefully curated to meet the highest academic and editorial standards.


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This "real time world statistics" site is owned by "independent" company Dadax. Run by the Real Time Statistics Project, an "international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers," it garners one million page views per month. ...Worldometers a fascinating site with some 60 real-time statistical measures categorized under World Population, Government and Economics, Society and Media, Environment, Food, Water, Energy, and Health that speed by at various rates on counters. Statistics range from current world population to number ofGoogle searches today to number of days until the end of oil, if consumed at current rates (15,200-plus days, as of this reviewer's last site visit). Many of the statistics profiled call attention to global problems (e.g., CO2 emissions, deaths from AIDS).

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