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Age of Decolonization: Getting Started in Phillips Library

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The Ruins of Empire

    Reviews for From the Ruins: the Intellectuals Who Remade Asia







The Daily Beast “That the West is in some form of decline isn’t much in dispute. But Mishra advances the discussion by arguing that the West’s moral decline traces back a century, through two world wars, a horrific legacy of colonialism, and a failure to treat non-Western nations as equal partners. This moral decline matters, he claims, because it reflects how Western liberal democracy may not be suited to these societies.”

Bloomberg “This week, demonstrators incensed by Japan’s purchase of the disputed rocky outcrops known as the Senkaku Islands filled Chinese cities for the biggest anti- Japanese protests since 2005. These mostly young men and women holding pictures of Mao Zedong reminded me of Mao’s speech at the founding of the People’s Republic of China in September 1949: the “Chinese people, comprising one-quarter of humanity,” Mao warned, “have now stood up,” adding that “ours will no longer be a nation subject to insult and humiliation.””


Country Studies and Profiles

Click on the United Nations Flag, choose a database, and find all about each country's vital statistics.


"Post-Colonialism:  A term generally used to indicate a range of global cultural developments which occurred in the aftermath of the Second World War." from  Cultural Theory: The Key Concepts: Second Edition, edited by Andrew Edgar and Peter Sedgwick, 2008, p. 251.

Finding Call Numbers from the Library of Congress

You can also use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification to browse shelves online by using a search of Call Numbers in the Library's catalog. 

Some examples of Subjects you can use to find relevant information:


  • Decolonization --History.
  • Sudan --History --1899-1956.
  • Petroleum industry and trade --Africa
  • Nigeria --Economic conditions --1970-
  • Nigeria --Environmental conditions
  • Nigeria --Ethnic relations
  • Nigeria --History--1960-
  • Nigeria --History--Civil War, 1967-1970
  • Nigeria --Politics and government--1960-
  • Nigeria --Politics and government--1984-1993
  • Nigeria --Politics and government--1993-


  • Great Britain --Colonies.
  • Great Britain --Colonies --History --20th century




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