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Psychology Resources: Tests and Measurements Databases

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Finding tests and articles about tests in ERIC and PsychINFO

Tips for finding tests and articles about tests in ERIC:

Option 1.)  Type in the keyword for the type of test you are trying to find, for example, reading.  Next, scroll below the search boxes and limit your search using - Publication Type: Tests/Questionnaires.

Option 2.)  You may be able to find articles about a specific instrument by typing its name in the ERIC keyword search box.

Option 3.)  You may also search for tests and measurements by entering information in the keyword search boxes and then add the keyword appended:

  • For example: (test OR assessment OR scale OR questionnaire OR measure OR survey) AND [your topic] AND appended
  • Using the keyword APPENDED will look for articles and documents that may have copies of the instrument attached.

In PsychINFO:

Try the keyword searches suggested for ERIC.  PsycINFO also uses the term "appended" for locating tests and measurements included in a  publication's appendix.  The PsycINFO database does not have a publication type limit for tests.  Therefore you have to limit by Classification Code to "Tests and Testing", Code 2220.

Test Availability

How tests are published:

FAQ/Finding Information About Psychological Tests

explains in detail the issues with locating tests and measurements.

In a nutshell:

- If the test is unpublished then you can try accessing it through the resources described in this guide.

Tests and measurements may be available in journal articles, books, ERIC documents, dissertations, etc. 

- If the test is published and commercially available, then you will need to purchase the test through the publisher. 

Information on how to purchase commercially available tests is listed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook.  You can always try the Publisher's web site.

Phillips Library does not have a test collection.


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