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Political Science Resources: International Law

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American Society of International Law

ASIL's electronic research tools provide access to international law resources from primary source documents to asil publications. In addition, our Electronic Resource Guide is available to you in conducting your own online research.

To search this electronic database of international treaties and conventions, web sites and other research tools click here.
For an electronic guide to assist you in conducting online research click here.
A public online database of select US court cases and legal materials, i.lex is designed to serve as a practical resource for judges, other legal professionals, and scholars in identifying and understanding how international law in its many forms is interpreted and applied by courts in the United States at both the federal and state level. i.lex may be accessed online.
The Reports on International Organizations are a production of ASIL's Interest Group on International Organizations. For more information, click here.

Customary Law

Researching customary law is as complex as it is essential. Some useful (but by no means all) sources include: digests of state practice (for those nations that keep them); domestic/municipal law; and international law yearbooks. Actions by international governmental organizations (such as the U.N.) may also serve as evidence of customary law. For these actions, see the United Nations/IGOs section of this guide

State Practices

Customary Humanitarian Law

International Law Sources

Texts of Foreign Laws

For the most part, the resources below include gateways to web sites containing foreign law. 

  • Globalcourts
    Access to supreme court decisions world wide.
  • Government Gazettes Online
    From Michigan University Library. Gazettes are the official means of communication from the government to the general public. They often contain legislation and other primary source documentation.
  • Lawinfochina  
    A nearly comprehensive collection of laws and regulations from China. Coverage for cases is selective. Nearly all of the content is available in both English and Chinese; a few items are in Chinese only. Covers 1949 to present (updated daily).
  • LexisNexis  
    Laws for many foreign jurisdictions, as well as legal materials from the European Communities/European Union. See the LexisNexis Directory of Online Services:
  • Nations of the World
    From the law Library of Congress, Global Information Network (GLIN). Full-text laws and regulations in the official language of the country of origin and summaries or abstracts in English. Sites for over 230 jurisdictions are included. Also includes legal guides. 
  • Statutes of the Republic of South Korea  
    Full-text of around 800 statutes from the Republic of Korea in English, along with amendment history and articles. Covers Coverage 1945 to present.
  • Swiss Institute of Comparative Law
    Houses the European Documentation Center, which provides access to the official documentation published by the European Union.
  • Translex
    A research platform for international law. Contains domestic statutes, international conventions, model laws, restatements and materials relevant for research in transnational law and international business law.
  • Westlaw  
    Laws for many foreign jurisdictions, as well as legal materials from the European Communities/European Union. See the Westlaw Database Directory:
  • World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)
    Caselaw, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials from foreign countries.
  • Kodeks
    A Russian-language database of legislation from Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the republics,
    regions and territories of the Russian Federation. Includes legislative acts issued by approximately 200 executive, legislative, and judicial branches of Russia.
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