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Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Journals

Scholarly journals contain articles written by, and directed toward, experts within a particular field or related fields.

  • A scholarly article usually has an abstract, a descriptive summary of the contents, before the main text of the article
  • A scholarly journal looks sober and serious. The articles often contain graphs and charts, but almost no exciting pictures
  • Scholarly articles always cite their sources in the form of footnotes or endnotes. These citations are usually to other scholarly writings
  • Scholarly journals assume knowledge or background on the part of the reader
  • They report on original research or experimentation in order to make such information available to the scholarly world
  • Not all scholarly journals are peer-reviewed

Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly journals, but include articles that have passed through a review process.

  • Peer review is a process of evaluation by qualified individuals (usually three) within the author's discipline or interdisciplinary speciality.
  • It is used to ensure the overall quality of the research including methods, analysis, arguments, and conclusions.  


The primary indexing and abstracting service for the interdisciplinary area of Communication Studies is

Related Databases

Communication Studies is a highly interdisciplinary field. It covers a wide variety of interests including many aspects of culture and society. Depending on your topic, you may wish to search some of these databases which are related to education in Communication Studies.

Find Journals

To locate journals and articles by searching journal titles, click on the image above to go to  Journal Finder.


Featured E-journal

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is very helpful to use when you aren't quite sure which database is relevant to your topic. Google Scholar serves as an aggregator of the databases that Phillips Library provides (as well as an index in its own right). It will lead you to many of the databases that can help refine your search.

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