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Shakespeare Studies: Finding Books

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Call Numbers beginning with PR are located on the lower level of the Phillps Library.

General Collected Works

Complete Works PR 2752 - 2763

Sonnet & Poem Collections PR 2841 - 2843

Sonnets PR 2848

Individual Plays and Criticism

Copies of the individual plays are arranged alphabetically between PR 2801 – 2839.  The play comes first, followed by criticism of the individual play.

General Criticism and Biography

Biographies PR 2894 - 2920

Stage history PR 3091 - 3112

Shakespeare's characters PR 2989

Criticism & Interpretation PR 2965 – 2979

Film and video adaptations (criticism) PR 3093

Comedies (criticism) PR 2981

Histories (criticism) PR 2982

Tragedies (criticism) PR 2983

Poetic works (criticism) PR 2984

Humor and satire PR 2994

Handbooks PR 2895 - 2898

Shakespeare authorship PR 2937 - 2961

Shakespeare's influence PR 2965 - 2971

Shakespeare's knowledge & learning PR 2903

Shakespeare's language PR 3072 - 3088

Political & Social Views PR 3017 - 3024

Religion PR 3011 - 3012

Shakespeare Dictionaries PR 2892


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The majority of Academic Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system to organize their print resources.  This means that books sharing the same subject can easily be browsed for the serendipitous discovery of wonderful books in your subject area.  All you will need to know is the call number range in order to get yourself situated.

Check the box to the left to see where the books on Shakespeare and his plays are located.

Did he really write the plays? New books on the authorship question

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