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Historical African American Newspapers: The Historical New York Times

The Historical New York Times

Instructions for Printing a Front Page in the New York Times

Historical New York Times


Step by step guide to print a front page from the New York Times (1851—2007)

·         Go to “Get Started on Discovery” on Library’s web page or click NYT page to the left.

·         Choose “Databases from A to Ω” on top tool bar and go to the “N’s”.

·         Choose “New York Times Historical” from the Database menu.

·         Go to “Advanced Search”

·         Choose “On this date” from Date Range options and enter birth date, being sure to enter year as four digits, for example: 1991.

·         Choose “Front Page Article” from the “Document Type” menu.

·         Hit “Search”

·         Choose one of the stories from the result list and view it in Full Text-PDF format.

·         Choose “Page View PDF” from the top tool bar.

·         Choose “Open in PDF Reader”


    To print, use print icon on top tool bar.

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