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Civilizaciones Precolombinas: Classic Period Map

Mesoamerican Political Landscape: Classic Period (200-900 CE)

The approximate area of direct Teotihuacan political control is shown in red. The city's economic impact was felt throughout Mesoamerica. The extent of Teotihuacan's military conquests remains open to debate, but multiple lines of evidence indisputably establish strong ties to the Maya area by the Early Classic Period. The Zapotec city of Monte Alban, likely allied to Teotihuacan, dominated the southern Mexican Highlands.

The Maya area was governed during the Classic Period by a complex, shifting set of city-state alliances. Two of the most important cities, Palenque and Tikal, are shown on this map. Other key Maya cities included Calakmul, a longstanding rival of Tikal whose ruins lie only 60 miles to the northeast of that city, and Copan, a relatively small but artistically significant polity in the extreme southeast corner of the Maya realm.

Map Source: The History Atlas of South America (c. 1998), with additions by the author of this guide

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