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Fascism/Falangismo and Their Legacies in Spain, Italy and Germany: Starting Your Research

General Titles

The best place to start when deciding on a research topic, is to look at at a general source such as an encyclopedia or survey book that covers the breadth of the period you are studying. Suggested eBook titles include:


The Mount classifies books according to the Library of Congress classification system.  Knowing  the call number of the subject helps to facilitate browsing in the stacks.   Finding the call number is just a matter of doing a call number search in SHARC using terms that describe the topic best.  For this course, we recommend the following terms:

Hitler, Adolf -- 1889-1945

Dictators – Germany

National socialism


Germany -- Politics and government -- 1933-1945

Dictators Europe -- Politics and government -- 1918-1945

Fascism – Europe

Europe – Dictatorships

Mussolini, Benito -- 1883-1945

Europe -- Economic conditions -- 1918-1945

Spain -- Politics and government -- 1931-1939

Franco, Francisco – 1892- 1975

Fascism -- Spain

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