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Europe: Teaching and Learning German

Learning German

  • Nancy Thuleen's Site 
  • Nancy Thuleen provides a host of resources for teaching beginning and intermediate German. The general-interest pages contain many links to German language and culture sites.
    This is a site where teachers can upload teaching materials and "borrow" from other teachers. Since it's a German site, the materials can support subject-based teaching of German as well as German language instruction.

Teaching Exercises

500 Rätsel und Rätselscherze für jung und alt

This riddle book, part of Project Gutenberg, is a great source of authentic language materials for German instruction.
This site provides resources for both learners and teachers of German
This is "the world's largest flashcard library," with more than 16,000,000 flashcards on a wide range of subjects, including foreign languages. The cards are printable and downloadable to Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobats
Prepared by Fodor.
Languages Online
This site provides ready-made interactive lessons and games to support the learning of German. Additionally, it allows the creation of multimedia games and activities.
This site "is designed to identify appropriate and authentic German studies resources on the Internet that relate to selected cultural themes presented in [German] textbooks."
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