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South America, Central America and the Caribbean: Honduras

Coup in Honduras


In Honduras Coup, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies: [Foreign Desk]

HELENE COOPER and MARC LACEYNew York Times, Late Edition (East Coast) [New York, N.Y] 30 June 2009: A.1

Sunglassed spy

Which Side Are We On?

 Frank Dana. (Nation, 6/11/2012, Vol. 294 Issue 24, p11-17, 5p.)

Government & Politics

Flag and Map

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Country, Central America. Area: 43,433 sq mi (112,492 sq km). Population (2008 est.): 7,639,000. Capital: Tegucigalpa. The great majority of the population are mestizos. Language: Spanish (official). Religion: Christianity (predominantly Roman Catholic; also Protestant). Currency: Honduran lempira.

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