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South America, Central America and the Caribbean: Other Island Countries

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Most northerly of the Leeward Islands, Anguilla is named after the Spanish for eel. Long and thin, it is a low coral atoll covered with poor soil and... scrub. It measures 96 sq km [37 sq mi]. Discovered by French explorers in the 1550s, Anguilla was settled by English colonists in 1650. 

Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda is an independent sovereign nation within the Commonwealth, with a multiparty parliamentary democracy but with the British monarch as head of state. The constitution dates from independence in 1981. 

Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique


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Dominica is an Island in the eastern Caribbean, between Guadeloupe and Martinique, the largest of the Windward Islands, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west.

Overseas department and administrative region of France (2005 est. pop. 449,000), 687 sq mi (1,779 sq km), in the Leeward Islands, West Indies. The department comprises the islands of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe proper) and Grande-Terre, and the dependencies of Marie-Galante and Îles des Saintes to the south, La Désirade to the east, and Saint-Barthélemy ( "Saint Barts" ) and the northern half of Saint Martin to the north.Basse-Terre, on the island of the same name, is Guadeloupe's capital; Pointe-à-Pitre, on Grande-Terre, is the chief port and commercial center. 

Martinique is an overseas department and administrative region of France (2005 est. pop. 433,000), 425 sq mi (1,101 sq km), in the Windward Islands, West Indies

Netherlands Antilles

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Netherlands Antilles, former autonomous country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands consisting of several islands in the West Indies. Earlier known as the Dutch West Indies and Netherlands West Indies, the island country consisted of Bonaire and Curaçao, both lying off Venezuela, and SabaSt. Eustatius, and the southern half of Saint Martin, all in the Leeward Islands, east of Puerto Rico. The island of Aruba, also off Venezuela, was part of the Netherlands Antilles until 1986. Willemstad, on Curaçao, was the capital.

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