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Information Literacy / Fluency and Accreditation: Rubrics

RAILS Project

J. F. Mueller List


Rubric Library - Fresno State

Information Literacy Rubric -- from Palm Beach State College

Information Literacy Rubrics -- from West Chester University

Information Literacy Portfolio Rubric -- from the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Information Literacy Rubric -- from the New Jersey City University

Cited References Rubric -- from the University of Central Florida

Rubric for Assessing Research Papers -- from Merz, Lawrie H. and Beth L. Mark, comp. Assessment in College Library Instruction Programs (CLIP Note #32). Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, College Libraries Section, 2002.

Information Literacy Rubric -- School Library New York State

Information Literacy Rubric -- from St. John's University

Information Literacy Rubric -- from Utah State University

Information Literacy Rubric for General Education -- from Augustana College

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