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American History : 1910-1919: Topical Books


Bully Pulpit

The gap between rich and poor has never been wider. Legislative stalemate paralyzes the country. Corporations resist federal regulations. Spectacular mergers produce giant companies. The influence of money in politics deepens. Bombs explode in crowded streets. Small wars proliferate far from our shores. A dizzying array of inventions speeds the pace of daily life... "One of the Best Books of the Year (2013)." 

Art and Culture


The decade of the Armory Show; new directions in American art, 1910-1920 Sixth Loan Exhibition of the Friends of the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

 The International Exhibition of Modern Art, known as the Armory Show opened on February 13, 1913.  It was the first opportunity for many Americans to see modern art. 


Politics and Government




Part, politics...


See in above book:  Erik J. Engstrom and Samuel Kernell -- The dynamics of Senate voting: ideological shirking and the 17th Amendment. (Passes 5/31/1913).


Technology & Science

Ceremony inaugurating transcontinental telephone service, January 25, 1915.


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