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American History to Reconstruction: Revolutionary Period


The War for Independence

Web sites

  • The American Revolution
    This open course from Yale will examine the Revolution from a broad perspective, tracing the participants' shifting sense of themselves as British subjects, colonial settlers, revolutionaries, and Americans. The site provides syllabi, and lectures taught by scholars at Yale.
  • A Guide to the American Revolution, 1763-1783
    This guide compiles links to digital materials related to the American Revolution that are available throughout the Library of Congress Web site. In addition, it provides links to external Web sites focusing on the American Revolution and a bibliography containing selections for both general and younger readers.
  • Rag Linen
    Rag Linen is an online museum and educational archive of rare and historic newspapers, which serve as the first drafts of history and critical primary source material. The collection also features some notable periodicals, documents, broadsides and books from the beginning of colonization until the end of the American Revolution.
  • Massachusetts Historical Society: Online Collections
    The Massachusetts Historical Society has a number of excellent online exhibits, including the Adams Family Papers, Coming of the American Revolution, the End of Slavery in Massachusetts, the Siege of Boston, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and more.
  • Spy Letters of the American Revolution
    This online exhibit from the University of Michigan examines the everyday intelligence operations of both the British and American armies. The exhibit includes a gallery of letters, a timeline, biographical information, stories, and a variety of educational resources.
  • Shays' Rebellion - From Revolution to Constitution
    This site tells the story of Shays' Rebellion, and a crucial period in our nation's founding when the survival of the republican experiment in government was neither destined nor assured.
  • Birth of the Nation: The First Federal Congress, 1789-1791
  • This exhibit provides an overview of the work of and issues faced by the first Congress, which was a virtual second sitting of the Federal Convention, fleshing out the governmental structure outlined in the Constitution and addressing the difficult issues left unresolved by the Constitution.
  • A New Nation Votes
    This site is a searchable collection of election returns from the earliest years of American democracy. Data covers the years from 1787-1825. You can search by state, year, candidate or office.
  • The War of 1812
    This PBS website includes the entire documentary of the War of 1812, plus bonus materials, essays, and classroom materials.
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