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Rare Books Collection: State and Local History

Mount Saint Mary's University rare books catalog

State and Local History

        The Rare Book collection contains a number of books dealing with local history in Maryland and Pennsylvania from varying time periods. 

Local political history

Latrobe, John. The Justices' Practice under the Laws of Maryland, including the Duties of a Constable. To which is added a collection of forms used in conveyancing. Fielding, Lucas Jr. 1826.


Origin: Origin of this book is unknown.

Material: This volume is a law book for policies and practices of Justices of the Peace in Maryland up to the year 1826. Topics include oaths taken by the Justices prior to performing their duties, list of fees Justices can issue to law breakers and which government body may appoint or remove Justices. There is also a section on Constables and their duties under Maryland law. This book is useful for any students researching police history in Maryland.

Weakness: The Mount copy is damaged with both covers in danger of falling off. The book itself has been bound in cloth to keep it together. Please consult librarians before handling.

Call Number:   KFM 1720  L3 1826

Jackson, Richard. An Historical Review of Pennsylvania from its Origin. E. Olmstead and W. Power; Philadelphia, 1812.


Origin:  In 1859, an Alumni of the Mount donated this copy of An Historical Review. The name and year of this Alumni is unknown. The book was placed in the Student’s Library (as evident from the stamps on the front of the book).

Material: The Historical Review is a detailed review of Colonial Pennsylvania from 1681 when William Penn began working on a charter in 1681 to establish Pennsylvania as a colony for Quakers to around 1756. The author utilized governing documents and personal letters to give the reader a compressive look at politics in Colonial Pennsylvania.  The book has an extensive table of contents that aid in navigating this detailed monograph. The Appendix contains different documents from the 1750’s about government matters colonists faced. This book is useful for studies of American history and local and state history.

Weaknesses: The style of writing is different than modern English. S’s throughout the text are spelled similar to f’s. A student or historian not used to reading older texts such as this volume will have to get used to this style of writing. Like most of the collection, this book is fragile and must be handled with care.


Call Number: F152 .J3 1812

Quynn, Dorothy MacKay. The Loyalist Plot in Frederick. Maryland,1930.


Origins: This book was originally located within the Mount Archives. It has since received a new binding.

Material: This short pamphlet deals with the history of a suspected treasonous plot by several members of the Frederick community. The culprits plotted to raise a militia to fight for British during the American Revolution War.  The author of the pamphlet draws from multiple sources, several of which conflict. As the author pointed out, the traditional story of what transpired relied upon a single source for information, a source who had incentive to exaggerate the events to make himself appear more heroic. Regardless, the author reliably attempts to provide a better understanding of a dramatic time in Maryland and local history. Any historian interested in local history may find this volume useful.

Call Number: F 187 .F8 Q9 1930






The Loyalist Plot in Frederick

Local Religious history



Diocese of Harrisburg. Register of the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA Official Record of Transactions: March 1920- February 1926. Bishop’s House. Harrisburg. Volume 1-3.




Origin: It is unclear how these books arrived at Mount Saint Mary’s University. The volumes were owned by someone named John Mealy but at present, I am unsure of his relationship with the Mount.

Material: These books contain the records and interactions of the Diocese of Harrisburg between the years 1920 and 1926. The records includes the listing of all priests in the diocese, letters and sermons about scriptures, relevant contemporary events, and instructions on how clergy are to proceed with the members of their congregation. Some interesting topics include the controversy of public versus private schools in America. These volumes can be useful to any student interested in American Catholic history at the local level.

Call number: BX 1417 .H3 A55 Vol.1-3  

The Catholic Review. Official 1973-74 Directory for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The Cathedral Foundation. Baltimore, 1973.


Origins: It is unclear how the Mount came to own this book. The words “Development and PR” are written on the top of the cover page. This book could have been a resource used by the Mount’s administrative staff back in the 1970’s.

Material: This book contains contact information for the various parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations within the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The contact information includes the name of each priests within the Archdiocese as well as the names of every individual who has lead the diocese/archdiocese. Other interesting components of this book include advertisements of both local and national companies. This information may not seem all that useful to a casual reader but it would be useful for any individuals studying the history of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Call Number: BX 1417 .B3 O44 1974

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