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[Visited Aug'14] The Muse is a job search/career development website started three years ago by three former consultants. The site's mission includes providing job seekers with the tools to find careers that fulfill and inspire them. A point of distinction about the site is its attempt to provide a glimpse into the work environment of organizations. Company profiles feature photos of workspaces, blurbs about corporate culture, and interviews with employees. Although the company profiles are created by freelancers, they are not objective. Companies pay a fee to be featured on the site and are encouraged to choose company "evangelists" for their profiles. Another cause for concern are the advice articles. Several written by "The Daily Muse Editor" are biased endorsements for partner companies.  The site's aesthetics make online job searching pleasurable instead of tedious. The interface has a modern design and operates effectively. Currently, approximately 160 companies are posting jobs that span nearly 50 cities across the U.S.  Additional location categories include International and Flexible.

Recommended. General audience.

--D. Salomon, University of California, Los Angeles

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