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Early Modern England: Getting Started in Phillips Library

Early Modern England Research

In your research for this course, you will need a mix of book and journal articles.  Some of these will be in print, or in electronic form. Familiarizing yourself with the layout of the Library of Congress Classification Scheme will help you if you are going to browse the stacks. When searching the catalog it helps to use the correct search terms.  The information on the left  will help you find books.

In History, it is important to find both primary and secondary sources. The difference is provided at the primary sources tab above. For help on finding journal articles, go to to the Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles tab above.

Search Terms to Use in the Catalog

Monographs: Circulating Books and eBooks

Search the library's online catalog, to find circulating books on the history of Modern Europe. Begin with titles assigned to the following Library of Congress Subject Headings:

 Adding the word "sources" to a catalog search might yield primary sources.


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