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Premier Latin America Database on Current Affairs

LAPOP focuses on public opinion surveys in Latin America, Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

Latin American Public Opinion Project LAPOP (opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database)

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Economics, Development and Business


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Latin America : land and resources




Fire and ink : the legacy of Latin American literature / Films for the Humanities & Sciences ; a video available at PQ7081 .F57 2007 

  • [pt. 1.] Pre-Columbian literature -- [pt. 22] Conquest and colony -- [pt. 3.] Politicians and revolutionaries -- [pt. 4.] From romanticism to realism -- [pt. 5.] Modernismo -- [pt. 6.] Regionalism and indigenism -- [pt. 7.] The avant-garde of the 1920s -- [pt. 8.] Narrating modernity, writers of the mid-20th century -- [pt. 9.] The Latin American boom -- [pt. 10.] After the boom -- [pt. 11.] Brazilian literature, the first 500 years -- [pt. 12.] Brazilian literature, the 20th century -- [pt. 13.] 21st-century trends in Latin American literature.

Myth, magical realism, hard-edged realism, fantasy—the literature of Latin America encompasses all these forms, and more. MSM has tapes 5,6 & 9




Dicovering the music of LatinAmerica  (video)


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