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Papist Patriots

Papist Patriots - Oxford Univeristy



This volume considers how and why colonial Catholics embraced the individualistic, rights-oriented ideology of the American Revolution, in spite of the fact that the Revolution's rhetoric was riddled with anti-Catholicism, and even though Catholicism has had an uneasy relationship with Enlightenment liberalism until very recently.  Available electronically, five users at a time. Available from Oxford Scholarship Online.

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Diviining America

Divining America : Religion in American History (Website published by TeacherServe.)

Primary Sources on the Web

Provides numerous documents of the U.S. Catholic bishops on such topics as liturgy, life issues, marriage & family.

The Faithful by James M. O'Toole

The Faithful

The Faithful: a history of Catholics in the United States.  Contents include:   The priestless church -- The church in the Democratic Republic -- The immigrant church -- The church of Catholic action -- The church of Vatican II -- The church in the twenty-first century.

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Readers' Guide to Periodicals Retrospective

New York Times, Historical 1851-2009


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