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HIST 276: U.S. Women's History to 1877: Project #3

This guide will aid students in completing their four main assignments in HIST 276.



Project #3: Analyzing Web Sites on Antebellum and Civil War Women

This page will provide you with:

  • tips on evaluating if a website is a scholarly source


This page will be supplemented by a librarian visit to class on October 20th.

Website Evaluation Tips

Consider the following criteria when determining if a website is a scholarly source.

  • Is the information current? When was it published?
  • Is the information relevant? How well does the information fit with your research topic?
  • Is the information credible? Who are the authors and what are their credentials? Is the website produced by an organization? Is that organization credible?
  • Is the information accurate? Does the information appear factual? Can these facts be verified by another source?
  • Why was this information created? What is the purpose of the website? Is their a bias motivating the purpose?

You can use this Website Evaluation Checklist from the University of Maryland Libraries to guide you as you search.

Check the Website Domain

Checking the website's domain can be a good way to tell if the website is a legitimate source. Check the URL. Does the website's domain end in:

  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .org

If it does, it more likely to be a legitimate source.

Did you know that you can filter your Google search results to include only websites from one of the domains above? Go to Google's Advance Search Option ( and enter one of the above domains in the filter that states "site or domain."


Website Credibility Infographic

Phony vs. Legitimate Websites

Evaluating Scholarly Journals infographic from FrontMatter by Allen Press / CC BY ND NC 3.0

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