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Communication Studies Resources: Find Articles

Databases A to Z

You can choose to Search by topic (e.g. Communication Studies)  or by database name (Academic Source Complete) "A".

Tricks of the Trade

Serious researchers know that drilling down into search data can provide the best information.  Things to be considered are: currency, type of material, language, person.  These can all be achieved by the use of filters.

Start at the beginning by typing your terms into the search box or choose the advanced search.

The next screen will present options for searching fields such as title, author, subject. Beneath it are the limiters.

These are the most basic limits;  here you can request articles vs other formats and choose the time period you want. 

Related Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is very helpful to use when you aren't quite sure which database is relevant to your topic. Google Scholar serves as an aggregator of the databases that Phillips Library provides (as well as an index in its own right). It will lead you to many of the databases that can help refine your search.

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