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Communication Studies Resources: Web Resources

Is It A Scholarly Website?

It can often be difficult to determine the reliability and accuracy, or scholarship of web resources.  Here are a few suggestions for what to look for:

  • Footnotes, references, and/or a bibliography
  • Diagrams and charts, but no glossy pictures
  • Written or edited by scholar(s) or expert(s) in the field
  • Original research and experimentation
  • Limited or no advertising
  • Published by a professional association

Useful Websites

Given that the Web is about communication, there is a plethora of material available in the broad discipline of Communication Studies. The most popular websites are not always scholarly, but provide a wealth of information on current trends and practices, on the social milieu, and the various professions that are a part of the Communication Arts.

Under the tab, "Web Resources" you will find a number of sub-tabs that should be of interest.

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