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Need to find a quote in Shakespeare? Looking for other Shakespeare works using a similar word or theme? Use Shakespeare Searched!

Theater Talk

Theater Talk is a PBS/Thirteen television series devoted to the world of the stage.  CUNY TV provides on-demand streaming of these wonderful interviews with theatre's most interesting and influential artists. 

Evaluating Web Pages

The World Wide Web can be a great place to accomplish research on many topics. But putting documents or pages on the web is easy, cheap or free, unregulated, and unmonitored (at least in the USA). The great wealth that the Internet has brought to so much of society is the ability for people to express themselves, find one another, exchange ideas, discover possible peers worldwide they never would have otherwise met, and, through hypertext links in web pages, suggest so many other people's ideas and personalities to anyone who comes and clicks. 

Therein lies the rationale for evaluating carefully whatever you find on the Web. The burden is on you - the reader - to establish the validity, authorship, timeliness, and integrity of what you find. Documents can easily be copied and falsified or copied with omissions and errors -- intentional or accidental. In the general World Wide Web there are no editors (unlike most print publications) to proofread and "send it back" or "reject it" until it meets the standards of a publishing house's reputation. Most pages found in general search engines for the web are self-published or published by businesses small and large with motives to get you to buy something or believe a point of view. The web needs to be free like that!! And you, if you want to use it for serious research, need to cultivate the habit of healthy skepticism, of questioning everything you find with critical thinking.

There are many unreliable sites out there, but there is also treasure to be found.  This wonderful tutorial to help you critically evaluate the information you find on the Web has been put together by the UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops

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Test your Shakespearean knowledge

Sporcle is a website providing "mentally stimulating diversions" - Thousands of free online trivia quizzes about geography, movies, television, sports and more.  Use the search feature to access all the Shakespeare quizzes and test your knowledge of the Bard!

Fun with Shakespeare

Shakespeare the Bard Game

Shakespeare the Bard Game by Uberplay.

As a Elizabethan theater entrepreneur in the early 1600's, your goal is to "pack the house". In particular, the chase is on to acquire scripts from the greatest living playwright of the time, Will Shakespeare.  To stage these extraordinary dramas, you will need to form a company of actors, acquire all the props that the play requires, find a patron, and acquire large sums of money to enable these productions to go ahead.
Every step of the way, the Fates will either help or hinder!  Shakespeare the Bard Game is available through board game retailers.


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