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Rhoads Memorial Archives: Loan Information

Loan Information

Loan Policies

To Originating Office

If information cannot be provided by photocopies or a visit to the Archives, items may be loaned back to an authorized representative of the originating office after a loan form is completed.



The display of the Mount's collection of artwork is encouraged, and offices may borrow works after completing a loan form. All artwork not on display must be returned to the Archives.



Items from the rare book collection may never be loaned out, and must be used in the Archives to ensure their physical safety and proper care and handling.


Ecclesiastical Artifacts

Ecclesiastical artifacts may be loaned out to authorized representatives of the University for special occasions, but must be returned as soon as possible. Each loan is recorded on a form. Call the Seminary Director of Liturgy if there are any problems or questions.


For Exhibits

Items may be lent for on-campus exhibits. The archivist must deliver the materials and ensure that proper security measures are observed. If security is deemed inadequate, the archivist must refuse the loan of materials.

For off-site exhibits, the archivist may grant permission for the loan of unrestricted materials and facsimiles to other research institutions provided that the materials are properly shipped, displayed under proper environmental conditions, and protected by adequate security. Permission will be denied to institutions whose policies and facilities do not meet acceptable standards. Expenses must be assumed by the borrowing institution, and proper credit given to Mount Saint Mary's Archives.


Outside Requests

Loaning of archival materials, artwork, or artifacts to outside persons is generally discouraged. Alternatives to loans, such as reproduction, should be substituted whenever possible.

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