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Rhoads Memorial Archives: Mission Statement

Mission Statement 2015

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount St. Mary’s University Rhoads Memorial Archives is to encourage the discovery of truth by collecting, arranging, and preserving historical materials related to the history of Mount St. Mary’s University and Seminary and surrounding area and to make available these holdings to faculty, administrators, seminarians, students, alumni, and researchers in order to establish a community of learners, who by faith, can use this information and knowledge to advance scholarship, become responsible citizens, and empower leadership in the Church, the professions, and the world.


Archives Responsibilities:


(1) Administration

a. Providing specialized facilities and trained personnel offering an internal administrative reference service of historical information.


b. Drafting procedures for the administration of the Archives and its use by faculty, administrators, seminarians, students, alumni, and outside researchers.

c. Training student interns and volunteers in the philosophy, theory, and practice of archival administration and standards.

d. Collaborating with local, regional and national archival organizations to make the pool of historical resources known, publicize their activities, and improve access to their records.

e. Collaborating with offices and departments to institute and implement a records management program to decrease the costs of onsite storage and lost records, increase the efficient retrieval of information, and ensure the continuous and orderly transfer of permanent, historical records to the Archives.

f. Directing the acquisition and selection of historical material of the University, its faculty, alumni, and supporters.

(2) Processing and Preservation

a. Organizing and inventorying historically valuable records for permanent preservation.


b. Inventorying, identifying, evaluating, conserving, and making accessible the artwork and artifacts collected by and donated to the University and Seminary.

c. Developing and administering an information retrieval system for the documents, records, and artifacts in the Archives, including the creation of finding aids to the collection.

d. Preserving the historical records of all University actions.

e. Protecting and preserving all permanent records of the University and its faculty, alumni, and staff, regardless of format.

f. Overseeing the acquisition, housing, and preservation of the artwork and carefully weeding and culling to focus the scope within the Archives' collection policy.

(3) Information Access

a. Provide access to its holdings to all researchers on equal terms regardless of affiliation, as per its ethical obligation.

b. Making available to researchers essential information and original source material.

c. Providing background and primary source material for publications, articles, speeches, and student research papers and projects.

d. Promoting knowledge about and the use of the historical collections contained in the Archives.

e. Cooperate with faculty to integrate archival materials and artifacts into the University’s curriculum.

f. Introducing students to the techniques of conducting research in primary sources, the handling of archival and cultural materials, and special Archives rules and requirements.

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