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Rhoads Memorial Archives: Record Groups

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Record Group 1. Presidents

This record group contains the records and papers of presidents, founders, and officers of the University. The Archives holds the records and/or papers of the following:

The Rev. John DuBois, 1808-1826
The Rev. Michael DeBurgo Egan, 1826-1828
The Rev. John McGerry, 1828-1829
The Rev. John B. Purcell, 1829-1833
The Rev. Francis B. Jamison, 1833-1834
The Rev. Thomas R. Butler, 1834-1838
The Rev. John McCaffrey, 1838-1872
The Rev. John McCloskey, 1872-1877
The Rev. John A. Watterson, 1877-1880
The Rev. John McCloskey 1880
The Rev. William J. Hill, 1880-1881
The Rev. William G. Byrne, 1881-1885
The Rev. Edward P. Allen, 1885-1897
The Rev. William L. O’Hara, 1897-1905
The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dennis J. Flynn, 1905-1911
The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Bernard J. Bradley, 1911-1936
The Rt. Rev. Msgr. John L. Sheridan, 1936-1961
The Rev. Msgr. Robert R. Kline, 1961-1967
The Rev. Msgr. Hugh J. Phillips, 1967-1971
John J. Dillon Jr., 1971-1977
Robert J. Wickenheiser, 1977-1993
The Rev. James N. Loughran, S.J., 1993-1994
George R. Houston Jr., 1994-2003
Thomas H. Powell, 2003-2015
Simon P. Newman, 2015-2016 

Timothy Trainor, 2016-


Record Group 2. Faculty

Records in this group include materials generated by or referring to past and current members of the faculty. This record group contains Faculty minutes, lists, handbooks, syllabi and class notes, and collections relating to the following faculty:

Faculty Honors

Faculty Meeting Minutes

James T. Delaney

Samuel Dennis

Henry Dielman

William Collinge

Germain Grisez

Helen Lee Jones

Robert Keefer

George Henry Miles

John L. Morrison


James Veale


Record Group 3. Alumni

Records in this group contain information relating to all alumni of the University or collections of their papers. Records date from 1808 and consist of bound volumes of student records, an extensive card catalog indexed through 1985, chapter minutes, reunion records, and alphabetical files of living and deceased alumni. This record group includes the following:

Alumni Association

Alumni Files (deceased)

Alumni Relations

Alumni Reunions

Alumni Publications

Edward H. Sweitzer

Michael Knipfing

Michael Meyer

Lawrence Otter

William Whalen


Record Group 4. Administration

This record group consists of records transferred from University administrative offices. Record titles include the following:

Accounting and Finance


Administrative Correspondence


Board of Trustees


Governing Documents

Human Resources

Information Technology


Legal Trials

Middle States Accreditation

Public Relations



Record Group 5. Academic Departments

This record group contains materials generated by University departments and include syllabi, reports, events, programs, and administrative records documenting the educational life of the University. The Archives holds records from the following departments and programs:

Business and Economics

Communications and Rhetoric

Continuing Education



Foreign Languages

Government and International Studies


Math and Computer Science








Visual and Performing Arts


Record Group 6. College

Records in this group span the social and extra-curricular life of the University. Record titles include:

Barbeque Papers

Campus Ministry

College Catalogs

College Constitutions, Rules, and Regulations

George Henry Miles Honors Society

Glee Club/College Singers

Heritage Club


Purcell Lyceum

Press Releases

Student Boycott, 1969

Student Life

Slavery at the Mount

Theater Productions

US Presidential Collection



Record Group 7. Seminary

This record group contains records generated by or relating to the Seminary and includes sermons, theses, and student government and administrative records.


Record Group 8. Priests

This record group contains materials relating to clergy who had a significant relationship with the University. Record titles include:

Papal records

Bishop Simon Brute

Archbishop John Hughes

Fr. Fives

Fr. Edward J. Flanagan

Archbishop Harry Flynn

Fr. Keeler

Msgr. Louis Joseph Mendelis

Fr. Paul Redmond

Fr. Stanley Rother

        Fr. David Shaum

Rev. Joseph Thorning

Rev. James Veale

Fr. Wharton

Bishop John Walsh

Rev. William Whalen


Record Group 9. Grotto

Records in this group relate to or were generated by the administration of the Grotto.


Record Group 10. Athletics

Records in this group document the history of athletics at the Mount and include records generated by the Department, clippings, programs, and scorebooks.  Record titles include:

Athletic Dept. Records

Mount Club


Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Cross Country



Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse

Men’s Rugby

Women’s Rugby

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer


Men’s Swimming

Women’s Swimming

Men’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis

Track and Field


Record Group 11. Women

This record group contains records relating to women who were not alumnae but who are associated with the University. These records include:

Elizabeth Seton

Mother Teresa

Women Religious


Record Group 12. Local Records

This record group is divided into two subgroups: Emmitsburg Town records and genealogical records. Records include deeds, minutes, photocopied parish records for St. Joseph's, and index cards to the parish records of the Church on the Hill. Record titles include:

Constance Wrench Papers on Violence and Extremism

Emmitsburg Town Records

The Emmitsburg Chronicle

Elder Family Papers

Genealogical Family Records

Local History Vertical Files

Local Land Records and Deeds

Parish Records

The Villager


Record Group 13. Personal Papers

This record group contains personal papers donated by persons who were not directly associated with the University, but who had a significant relationship with either. This group includes

Pangborn Papers

Virginia L. Durnan Collection


Record Group 14. Manuscripts

This record group consists of manuscripts donated to the Mt. St. Mary's manuscript collection. They are arranged in chronological order.


Record Group 15. Art

This record group contains artwork of all formats, including oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, and sculpture. Records documenting the acquisition, preservation, conservation, location, background, significance, value, and history of the Mount's art collection can be found in Record Group 4, Archives.


Record Group 16. Artifacts

This record contains records documenting the acquisition, preservation, conservation, location, background, significance, value, and history of the Mount's collection of artifacts, which are arranged into




Coin collection



Medals, Trophies, and Awards


Metals and Glass



Record Group 17. Audiovisual

Records in this group are organized by format and include:









Record Group 18. Oral Histories

This record group consists of oral history tapes and any transcriptions.


Record Group 19. Rare Books

This record group contains rare books, bibles, and catechisms, which have been cataloged.


Record Group 20. Publications

This records group consists of materials published by or about the University, its alumni or faculty, or persons or institutions with a significant relationship with the Mount. Record titles include:


Faculty Publications

Literary Works

Lighted Corners

Achilles Bow


Marketing Publications

Mountain Echo


Tolle Lege


Annual Reports


Record Group 21. Military

 Records in this group relate to the V-5 and V-12 Navy programs located at Mount Saint Mary's during World War II, and include as well materials arising from alumni participation in American wars and other military events and institutions. Record titles include:

Civil War

World War I

World War II

Navy V-5 and V-12 Programs



Record Group 22. Campus Events

 Records in this group relate to campus events such as Convocation, Home Coming, Commencement, and the Bicentennial:

            Bicentennial, 2008




            Parents’/Family Weekend

            Sesquicentennial, 1958

            SPARC Festival


Record Group 23. Campus Buildings

 Records in this group relate to the construction, maintenance, and history of campus buildings and grounds:

            Athletic Recreation Convocation Center (ARCC)

            Architectural Plans

            Chapel of Immaculate Conception


Records Group 24: St. Joseph’s College

This record group contains the records of St. Joseph’s College, as well as files relating to the relationship between St. Joseph’s College and Mount St. Mary’s.


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