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American Government and Politics: Foreign Policy

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Digital documents from pre-18th century to present. Coverage is international, but the primary focus is on the U.S. From Yale.

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Library of Congress Classification System

Want to browse the shelves? Here are the Library of Congress call numbers for foreign policy and related subjects:

E183.7-183.9  U.S. Diplomatic history.  Foreign and general relations.

GN301‑674   Ethnology.  Social and cultural anthropology

HG3810-4000   Foreign exchange.  International finance. International monetary system

JA71‑80   Theory.  Relations to other subjects

JC11‑605   Political theory.  The state.  Theories of the state

JV6001‑9480   Emigration and immigration.  International migration

JZ5‑6530   International relations

KZ2‑6795   Law of nations

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