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Género Fantástico en la Literatura Latinoamericana: Inicio

Teoría de Todorov

Teoría de Todorov

¿Qué es el Realismo Mágico?

A video lecture about magic realism, and Gabriel García Márquez' novel, "One Hundred Years of Solitude". Includes a discussion on the differences between magic realism and fantasy.

Definiciónes de Realismo Mágico

"Magical realism is a distinctive form of fiction that aims to produce the experience of a non-objective world view. Its techniques are particular to that world view, and while they may at first look something like the techniques of sophisticated fantasy, magical realism is trying to do more than play with reality's rules. It is conveying realities that other people really do experience, or once experienced.

As a tool, magical realism can be used to explore the realities of characters or communities who are outside of the objective mainstream of our culture. It's not just South Americans, Indians, or African slaves who may offer these alternative views. Religious believers for whom the numinous is always present and miracles are right around the corner, believers to whom angels really do appear and to whom God reveals Himself directly, they too inhabit a magical realist reality." Copyright © 2002 Bruce Holland Rogers

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