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Civilizaciones Precolombinas: Selected Internet Resources


The Latin American Network Information Center, University of Texas at Austin, is probably the most useful directory of scholarly sites from and about Latin America.  Sections of the site relevant to this guide include:

Or search LANIC directory for a term, e.g. Teotihuacan or Quetzalcoatl.

Ancient Mesoamerica on The Web

The internet contains many sites of interest to those researching ancient Mesoamerica. Unfortunately, it also provides access to a great deal of information that is inappropriate for college-level research. To help separate out the wheat from the chaff, find below a list of some of the best websites about ancient Mesoamerica. Researchers can use these sites with confidence. Only sites that conform to the following criteria will be considered for inclusion on this page:

  • Must address the interests and needs of the academic community, specifically the disciplines of archaeology, art history, epigraphy, and history;
  • Must be free from commercial sponsorship, bias, and distracting or irrelevant graphics and advertisements; and
  • Must provide unique content not easily found in other sources, or not done as well or thoroughly in other sources.
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