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Dred ScottBarack Obama

Dred Scott      Barack Obama


To understand the events of the Civil Rights era, one must understand the history of the nation that preceded it from slavery, through the Civil War and Reconstruction and Jim Crow. In this guide and in History 260 you will learn about the people and events of one of the most turbulent and important eras in American History.  It is the efforts of the nation, its leaders and its heroes  that led us to witness the second inauguration of our first African American president.

Some library guides that may be of help are African American History and Historical African American Newspapers.

Timeline of the Civil Rights Era

Notable People of the Civil Rights Era

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Civil Rights History Project, from the Library of Congress.

Visited Sep'14]  The Civil Rights History Project was created by a 2009 act of Congress that directed the Library of Congress (LC) to survey existing oral history collections and gather, create, preserve, and make accessible new interviews with people who were participants in the civil rights movement during the 1950s–1960s.  LC partnered with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of …

Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and above --G. A. Collins, Florida Gulf Coast University Copyright 2014 American Library Association

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech

Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize

This is a documentary series about the glory years of the American Civil Rights Movement, starting in 1952 with the murder of Emmit Till and the subsequent trial and ending with the civil rights march to Selma in 1965. Along the way, the series touches on the major figures of the movement such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and major incidents such as the Little Rock school riots and Montgomery, Alabama Transit Boycott.

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