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South Africa: Literature and Culture

Noted Figures in South African Culture


Alan Stewart Paton was a South African author and anti-apartheid activist.


Cousins: A Memoir by Athol Fugard

 Harold Athol Lanigan Fugard is a South African playwright, novelist, actor, and director who writes in English.


Nadine Gordimer was a South African writer, political activist and recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Writing and Being by Nadine Gordimer

Es'kia Mphahlele was a South African writer, educationist, artist and activist. He was born Ezekiel Mphahlele but changed his name to Es'kia in 1977. He is celebrated as the Father of Afrikan Humanism

Other Biographies:

Alex la Guma : a literary & political biography

Publication Date: 2010

Author: Roger Field

Thabo Mbeki and the battle for the soul of the ANC

Publication Date: 2007

Author: William Mervin Gumede

The ghost of equality : the public lives of D.D.T. Jabavu of South Africa, 1885-1959

Publication Date: 1997

Author: Catherine Higgs


Apartheid and the archbishop: the life and times of Geoffrey Clayton, Archbishop of Cape Town

Publication Date: 1974

Author: Alan Paton

South African tragedy; the life and times of Jan Hofmeyr

Publication Date: 1965

Author: Alan Paton
Abridgement by Dudley C. Lunt


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