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Interview with John Adams

"This interview with John Adams examines the new intersection of contemporary events and grand opera. The phenomenon described here as a new topicality describes a collision of hi art and popular culture from a very objective perspective in a minimal musical context."  - Dr. Mark Carlson


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Use keywords:   "music and modernity" and/or  "Adorno" or "Gestus".

Understanding B-Movies: Dr. Carlson: "These fan creations are closer to the films opening credits as imagined in early production notes. These images reinforce the litany of b-grade scifi and horror films that the opening number makes lyric reference to"

Gestus in Music by Kurt Weill

Kurt Weill : an illustrated life: request through ILL.

Translation in English of the article "Gestus*" in Music" from JSTOR.   (Click above) Dr. Carlson's comment:

"This lengthy article by Kurt Weill elaborated on his nearly untranslatable concept of Gestus. ...  He elaborates on his idea about how music should communicate immediately to the audience as well as move the plot and explain characters. You don't need to read the whole thing to get his gist." 

* This word has been left in German because its most natural English equivalent-the word "gesture"-is so misleading. John Willett in his book on Brecht says, ". . . there is no single word by which Gestus can be translated. It is at once gesture and gist, attitude and point: one aspect of the relation between two people, studied singly, cut to essentials and physically or verbally expressed." From "Gestus" in Music Author(s): Kurt Weill and Erich Albrecht Source: The Tulane Drama Review, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Sep., 1961), pp. 28-32 

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