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2015 Award-winning Children's Books: Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12: 2015

Trade Book List

Tiny Creatures. Nicola Davies. Illustrated by Emily Sutton. Candlewick Press.
Great elementary view into the world of microbes.


Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma. Darcy Pattison. Illustrated by Kitty Harvill. Mims House. 
A heart-warming story of an orphaned puma cub.


About Habitats: Forests. Cathryn Sill. Illustrated by John Sill. Peachtree Publishers.
Major types of forests depicted through simple text and full-page illustrations.


About Parrots. Cathryn Sill. Illustrated by John Sill. Peachtree Publishers.
Children can enjoy the beautiful, colorful illustrations while learning about these interesting birds found on five continents.


Amazing Giant Sea Creatures. DK (author). DK Publishing.
Enjoy an ocean adventure with giant sea creatures in this engaging fold-out flaps book.


Animals That Make Me Say OUCH! Dawn Cusick. Charlesbridge/Imagine Publishing.
A collection of animals with amazing defense adaptations that can inflict pain and even death if threatened.   


Animals That Make Me Say WOW! Dawn Cusick. Charlesbridge/Imagine Publishing.
Our world is shared with animals that use amazing adaptations to help them survive with WOW skills.


Beneath the Sun. Melissa Stewart. Illustrated by Constance R. Bergum. Peachtree Publishers.
A wonderful look at how wild animals survive the heat in a variety of habitats.


Bone Collection: Skulls. Camilla de la Bedoyere and Rob Colson. Illustrated by Sandra Doyle. Scholastic/Scholastic Paperback Nonfiction.
A fascinating collection of unique skulls featuring over 44 animals ranging from a humpback whale to human.


Every Turtle Counts. Sara Hoagland Hunter. Illustrated by Susan Spellman. Peter E. Randall Publisher. 
A heart-warming story of an autistic girl who rescues a sea turtle  and opens up a part of herself in the process.


Eye to Eye.  Steve Jenkins. Illustrated by Steve Jenkins. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers. 
A description of how the eyes of various animals allow them to survive.


Eyes Wide Open. Paul Fleischman. Candlewick Press.
An aggressive and no holds barred book on the politics and science of climate change.


Feathers: Not Just for Flying. Melissa Stewart. Illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen. Charlesbridge Publishing.
Feathers functioning as a forklift? Yes, and much more!


Full Speed Ahead!  Cruschiform.  Abrams/Abrams Books for Young Readers. 
Art and science meet in this beautiful book on the speeds of things.


Ivan. Katherine Applegate. Illustrated by G. Brian Karas. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers.
A heart-wrenching story about a gorilla who has a very happy ending.


Secrets of the Sky Caves. Sandra K. Athans. Lerner Publishing Group/Millbrook Press. 
Follow a mountaineer on this incredible journey discovering caves built into high steep cliffs filled with mummies and other artifacts.


Sniffer Dogs. Nancy F. Castaldo. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers.
A description of how dogs (many of which have come from shelters) are being trained to help their human companions in searches, scientific research by tracking animals, and alerting for serious medical conditions.




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