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Mother Teresa at the Mount: 1995 Visit




Mother Teresa returned to the Mount on December 9, 1995.  She began her second visit with a prayer and rosary service in St. Bernard's Chapel before addressing a packed Memorial Gym with a crowd of over 2,500.




The following quotes are from Mount students about the impact of Mother Teresa’s speech:


“She was so ordinary, we could all relate to what she was saying…

it was kind of like God talking to you up there.”

Pete Wenzke, Senior


"She is just the perfect example of how to live the things you hear about in the Bible –

what God wants us all to be…in some form.  What struck me was when she said that a

family that prays together stays together.  Prayer is like the bottom line.”

Elli Conley, Senior


"I, for myself, was especially impressed by what Mother Teresa said when she

spoke to the seminarians.  It spoke to my heart more than anything else.  She said

something like there is only one Jesus and if you don’t love Jesus in the Blessed

Sacrament, then how can you love him in others?  And if you don’t love Him in others,

then how can you love Him in the Eucharist?” 

Bill Ryland, Seminarian



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