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Introduction to Prezi: Organizing

What is a Frame?

A Frame helps you group content together in your Prezi presentation.  When presenting, you will travel between frames following a Path (see box below to learn more about paths). 

If you click [Zoom to Frame], your screen is focused on the frame.  Frames can be manipulated using the Transformation Tool like other objects you place on the canvas. 

Be careful when you delete a frame.  It will delete the text content inside the frame! 

You can also change the shape of the frame by clicking [Type] and color,by clicking on the colored square.  You can even add the frame and its contents to your favorites bar.

To remove or change the type of frame, select the frame.  The blue box will appear.  To remove only the frame, leaving the text, select the [Remove Frame] option from the list. 


Adding Frames


To Add a Frame:

First select which shape you want for your frame from the drop down on the upper left side. You can then add a frame by either clicking on the blue + or dragging and dropping it onto the canvas.  It also automatically adds a path to the selection (see image below, left side & the "adding & adjusting paths" section on this page for more details).  

Adding and Adjusting Paths

Adding Paths:

1. Select "Edit Paths".

2. Select the object you want the path to go to next

3. A path will be added and the object will be added to the sidebar.

4. Click "Done" in the upper right when finished editing the paths.

You can also manually drag a path point to change it.  Just click on the number, and drag it to the object you want the path to go to.

Delete an individual path by dragging it away from the object.  Select "Clear All" in the bottom left of the slide organizer to remove all paths from the presentation. 

You can also rearrange paths using the sidebar.  Just click on the object you want, and move it to a new position.

Adding the Fade-In Effect

When you are editing the path, you can add a fade-in effect to objects within a frame.  Click on the star next to the number when editing a path.  Then chose which object to fade-in on.  You can even fade-in on more than one object, and the green numbered stars tell you the order your objects will appear.  To preview click on the triangle at the top of the box.  Click done when you are finished.

Having trouble with Frames?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base!  Their section on Frames is very helpful!

Having trouble adding Paths?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base! Their section on Paths offers advice for how to create paths that help determine your presentation order.

Want to know more about Animation?

If so, visit the Prezi Knowledge Base! Their section on Animation is very helpful!

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