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Introduction to Prezi: Presenting

Presenting Your Prezi

Prezi offers many different presentations options to fit your needs!

  • Download: portable because it downloads everything you need to present into a neat Prezi folder!
  • Presenting Online: login to Prezi and present from your web browser.
  • Presenting Online (Remotely): share designated link with up to 30 others, who will follow you through the presentation.

This screen appears when you click on a Prezi from "Your Prezis" and offers all the different ways to present!  You can also present from the "Edit Mode" as illustrated below. 

General Presentation Tips:

  • Select the "Full Screen" Option in the bottom right corner to present in full screen mode.
  • Move through the presentation using the arrow keys!
  • Zoom in and out using the scroll of the mouse.  Click the arrow to get back on track!
  • You can also set up Auto play right next to the full screen button and choose the length of time between each slide

Portable Prezi Presentation

Downloading a Prezi to present in an offline format is as easy as clicking the "Download" button!

Once you click download, you will have two different ways of downloading.  If you have a Pro account, you can edit and present in the Prezi Application. If you do not have a pro account choose the presenting option and click "download."

You will then see a box telling you that your request is downloading:

Next, you will be prompted to download the Prezi to your computer.  Please follow your system dialog to appropriately download and save the file. 

Once un-zipped (generally done by double clicking on the zipped file), inside the folder double-click on "Prezi" to start your presentation. If you have added YouTube videos via a web link, you will need Internet access when presenting your Prezi.

NOTE: If moving to a flashdrive or another location, be sure to move the entire folder because it contains the flash element needed to run the presentation.   

You can also download your Prezi in the Edit Screen.  Just click on the share button and then Download as a Portable Presentation

Presenting Online

Presenting Online is another easy option if you have internet access!

Click the "Full Screen" button to enter full-screen presentation mode. 

Remote Presentation

Presenting remotely online is yet another option! Select "Present Remotely" and share the link with your audience!

From the "Edit" Mode:

Select "Share" and "Start online presentation":

Start online presentation

A link will be generated.  See details in the image below for how to use the link:


Sharing from the Edit Screen

You can also share your presentations from the Edit Screen.  

  • The Share Prezi button generates the URL for yor Prezi, or allows you to add email address and email your Prezi. 
  • The Share on Facebook button shares your Prezi on Facebook.
  • You can even download your Prezi as a PDF.


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