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Faculty Publications 2015-2016: College of Liberal Arts

Recently Published Books

Where Justice and Mercy Meet: Catholic Opposition to the Death Penalty comprehensively explores the Catholic stance against capital punishment in new and important ways. Authors: Drs. Trudy Conway and David McCarthy.

Historical Dictionary of Catholicism provides comprehensive coverage of Catholicism, with emphasis on theology, doctrine, and liturgy. Author: Dr. William Collinge.


Sharing God's good company : a theology of the Communion of Saints.  Explores the role and significance of the saints in Christians' lives today  Author:  Dr. David McCarthy.

Memory in Augustine's Theological Anthropology. Memory is the least studied dimension of Augustine's psychological trinity of memory-intellect-will. This book explores the theme of 'memory' in Augustine's works, tracing its philosophical and theological significance. The first part explores the philosophical history of memory in Plato,Aristotle, and Plotinus.   Author: Dr. Paige Hochschild.


The Medicean Succession. In 1537, Florentine Duke Alessandro dei Medici was murdered by his cousin and would-be successor, Lorenzino dei Medici. Lorenzino's treachery forced him into exile, however, and the Florentine senate accepted a compromise candidate, seventeen-year-old Cosimo dei Medici.  Author: Dr, Gregory Murry.

The Death Penalty and Discipleship is a faith formation resource to help communities and individuals reflect more deeply on capital punishment. Author: Dr. David McCarthy.

Life List : Poems.  Author:  Sister Anne Higgins.

The Bottle, the Breast and the State Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, and drawing on a feminist ethic of care, this study explores the politics, policies, and individual experiences surrounding infant feeding. Dr. Maureen Oakley.



On earth as it is in heaven : cultivating a contemporary theology of creation

Featuring a chapter by Paige E. Hochschild on contemplating rather than dominating nature, building on Augustine and George Grant

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Performances/Exhibitions : Department of the Visual Arts

Mark Carlson: with the Sotto Voce Quartet, performed concerts and taught a week of engagements in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lawrence University, and the Bethlehem Concert series taped by NPR's Performance Today, February 2016. 

Elizabeth Holtry: Art Night 2015, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C., October 2015.

Andrew Rosenfeld: Music Director and Conductor, The Turn of the Screw, Hub Opera Ensemble, Hagerstown, MD, October 2015.

Music Director and Conductor, L’Elisir D’Amore, Hub Opera Ensemble, Hagerstown, MD, May 2016.

Musical Director and Conductor, Così fan Tutte, International Opera Projects, Berlin, Germany, July 2016.




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