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from the syllabus:
In this class we are going to learn about the Holocene.  While this is a fascinating and relevant topic, we could be studying virtually any topic, because we are going to use this learning as a series of practice repetitions in order to refine our ability to perform four essential skills (listed below).  Some of these skills you’ll practice mostly at home, others will be classroom-based, and still others apply to our jobs and other parts of so-called real life.  We have two goals:  You’ll get better at these skills, but you’ll also get better at self-evaluation of your abilities, allowing you to continue to refine your skills after our class ends.  These four sets of skills are:
  1. Unpacking rich text.  Reading for college is unlike other types of reading.
  2. Writing in the humanities.  Our essays will make claims and support them with evidence.
  3. Discussing our ideas with classmates.  Classrooms are not board rooms or kitchen tables.
  4. Accessing college resources, including both technology and humans.  Librarians rule!

Some things to consider as you begin your first research paper

This short video explains some ways to collect and organize information as you work on your papers.

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