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Google Scholar is Google's academic search engine that searches across scholarly literature. It has extensive coverage, retrieving information from: 

  • academic publishers
  • professional organizations
  • university repositories 
  • professional websites covering all disciplines

Google Scholar can be a good place to start a search, helping to:

  • Locate obscure references difficult to find in library databases
  • Find more details on partial citations or incorrectly cited works
  • Identify grey literature not often indexed elsewhere
  • Discover useful journals or databases to explore in more detail

Using Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Linking Google Scholar to Mount Databases From Off Campus

Accessing the full text of an article using Google Scholar can sometimes be tricky. Often, Google Scholar will show you several results for sources that you need to pay to access. Luckily, the library subscribes to many of these journals for you, so you can access them! All you need to do is make sure your Google Scholar account is linked to the Phillips Library

Go to Google Scholar

Go to Settings 

Choose Library Links

Type in Mount St. Mary's University - Phillips Library and check the following boxes:

       ☑ Open WorldCat - Library Search

       ☑ Mount St. Mary's University - Phillips Library

Click Save.

Why Can't I Just Google?

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