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Library Resources for Distance Learning: Information for Faculty


As you teach a distance education course, the friendly staff at the Phillips Library is happy to support you. Our librarians, Mike and Jessica, were both distance education students themselves. They understand the unique needs of distance education students and are excited to help these students reach their educational goals. Part of that process is supporting the faculty members who teach distance education courses.


This webpage will provide a introduction on ways the Phillips Library can support your distance education course.

Library Services

The Phillips Library provides a variety of services to support your distance education course. Some ways in which we can support your course include:


Assignment Consultation

We are glad to collaborate to effectively develop students' research and information literacy skills by was of assignment instruction. We can also recommend assignment-resource pairings.


Course-Integrated Instruction

We are happy to provide course-integrated instruction. This could take place asynchronously with a librarian recording a video or screencast that we would provide the instructor and could be shared via Canvas. We could also provide synchronous instruction in the form of a video webconference via Zoom.


Online Research Guides

We can create an online research guide that is unique and specific to your course. A research guide will be created by a librarian at the Phillips Library and provide students with scholarly resources and guidance to complete their assignments. All of our research guides not only exist as webpages but can also be directly embedded into your Canvas pages. Please contact a librarian for more information on how to embed research guides into Canvas. Examples of our current online research guides can be found here: Online Research Guides.


Supporting Your Scholarship

The Phillips Library is also committed to supporting your scholarly research.Please schedule a research appointment so we can explore options together.


Other Ideas?

Do you have other ideas on how we could could support your course? We would love to talk with you about your ideas. Please use the Schedule a Meeting with a Librarian button to set-up a time to chat.

Need Assistance?


Need assistance? Click below to schedule a meeting with a librarian.


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