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BUS 307: Business Management and Organization

BUS 307 is taught by Dr. Christina Green. Questions about the course and projects relating to the course should be sent directly to Dr. Green at

BUS 307 - Business Management and Organization: This course builds understanding and knowledge by examining management principles, theory and practice in the functional areas of planning, organizing, leading and evaluation. The global environment, ethical behavior, and corporate social responsibility provide the framework from which to analyze managerial challenges and decision-making. Practical application includes case analysis and current events

Questions or concerns pertaining specifically to this research guide should be sent to Student Success Librarian Emily Holland. Emily's office can be found on the main floor of Phillips Library and she can be reached at or 301-447-5430.

Management & Leadership Paper

In 4-5 pages (12-font, double-spaced), respond to the following questions:

  • What is Management?
  • What is Leadership?
  • What is the difference between Management and Leadership?
  • Why is it important for a manager to develop both Management and Leadership skills?
  • How can business professionals develop and strengthen their Management and Leadership skills?
  • What is the future of Management and Leadership? How can managers/leaders prepare for those shifts/trends in the future?

Note that scholarly articles (3-5 is sufficient) should be referenced and cited properly (using APA format) to inform responses to the questions listed above.

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