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HIST 277: Modern U.S. Women's History: Home


Office of Emergency Management, War Production Board, creator. "Rosie the Riveter". Washington D.C, 1942-1943. Graphic.

HIST 277: Modern U.S. Women's History

Students will examine the lives and experiences of American women from the onset of the women’s rights movement in the second half of the 19th century to the recent past of the late 20th century. While this course focuses on women’s efforts to achieve political equality, it also explores women’s changing roles in relation to work, education, family life and popular culture. This course pays close attention to the ways that class, race, and ethnicity have shaped women’s experiences and the social movements of this period. Students will gain an understanding of significant events in modern women’s lives, the ways in which gender is and has been constructed, and the major interpretive issues shaping women’s history.

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