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HIST 277: Modern U.S. Women's History: 3: Annotated Bibliography



Part 3: Annotated Bibliography

This page will provide you with:

  • tips on writing an annotated bibliography


Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Why Write an Annotated Bibliography?

Annotated bibliographies are a bibliography (or a works cited or reference list) that contains annotations. These annotations do far more than summarize they text. They also allow the author to analyze and reflect on the text as it relates to his or her research topic. Annotations may include but are not limited to:

  • The thesis of the text and/or the author's main arguments
  • A statement on the author's credibility and authority on the topic
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the author's argument
  • A reflection on how this text relates to your overall research topic

By writing an annotated bibliography, you are building a strong foundation of potential sources and an analysis of those sources that will serve as the basis of your own research and argument.

Examples from the Purdue Owl

Click the link below to view examples of annotated bibliographies from Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL):

Video Tutorials

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